Weihwasserspender per Fuß gibt hygienisch sauber und berührungslos einen Tropfen Weihwasser in die Hand einer Gläubigen

The holy water returns to the churches! 

The holy water dispenser with hygienically clean foot operation 

Corona poses great challenges to all areas of life, including the course of mass celebrations. 
With the holy water dispenser by foot pressure, taking holy water is hygienic and can finally become part of the liturgy again.

Weihwasserspender in der Kirche Painten wird mit dem Fuß bedient und gibt berührungslos einen Tropfen Weihwasser ab


It's that easy! 



1. hold your hand under the outlet tap 

2. press foot pedal once 

3. catch holy water in the hand and cross it 




Hygiene and safety is guaranteed by: 


  •  the contactless use 
  •  a coating with silver ions in the outlet tap (no recontamination) 
  •  one check valve 
  •  the lockable holy water container 
  •  the installation of the dosing hose and dosing unit inside 

One kick 

more normality!

Ein Fuß mit rotem Shuh tritt auf den Weihwasserspender

Experience with the holy water dispenser:

Petra E., Eichlberg-Neukirchen

"With Covid-19, the world seems to be seriously screwed up. What was taken for granted is suddenly taboo. The possibility to cross oneself in times of Corona contactlessly with holy water allows the retention of such a familiar ritual and brings new normality. How good it is that an innovative holy water dispenser has found its way into the Eichlberg pilgrimage church thanks to a donation from the KDFB district of Parsberg."

Helmut E., Religious education teacher

"The holy water dispenser convinced me in every way. It is much more hygienic than the conventional holy water basin. I can now again come into contact with holy water without hesitation and remember my baptism. And not only in Corona times! I am convinced that in this modern and appealing way the ancient rite of baptismal remembrance can be brought back to consciousness."

Reinhard F., Entrepreneur

"When I heard about the idea of a holy water dispenser through a friend, I had the spontaneous wish to donate it to my church community. The "ritual", which has been imprinted on my mind since childhood and is finally possible again with the holy water dispenser, fills our church community and me personally very much." 

See the crisis as an opportunity to break new ground! 

Innovativer Weihwasserspender und traditionelles Weihwasserbecken nebeneinander

This distinguishes the holy water dispenser by foot

- Easy to set up, no assembly necessary
 - Contactless and therefore hygienically clean output (foot technology)
- Dosing unit installed inside the dispenser
- Silver ion coating and a check valve in the outlet tap prevents re-contamination 
- Self-explanatory use
- Simple commissioning
- Low maintenance
- Quick and easy cleaning
 - Simple and noble design
Quickly and flexibly set up and operated with the foot!

One "step" more normal - 

Holy Water finally part of the liturgy again!

Der Weihwasserspender in der Kirche Painten

Service & Maintenance

Ich bin ein Experte auf meinem Gebiet. Aber ohne mein Team wäre ich heute nicht da, wo ich bin. Ich liebe es, mit Gleichgesinnten zusammenzuarbeiten und mit meiner Leidenschaft und Kompetenz meine Ziele zu verwirklichen.

Hygiene instructions:

  • For hygienic reasons, holy water should be kept for a maximum of 4 weeks in order to counteract germination. Source: Examination of holy water of the Furtwangen University (Baden-Württemberg) - published "Jounal of water & health

  • The holy water dispenser should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

  • For reasons of hygiene, we recommend that the hose and pump system be replaced at regular intervals (order hose and pump system here)

Care instructions:

  • The holy water dispenser should be cleaned at regular intervals, using the enclosed multi-fibre cloth and stainless steel care spray. The necessary cleaning utensils can be stored inside the holy water dispenser.

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